Fat ass and ass


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  1. Grobei 3 years ago

    I think sex addict is a euphemism she uses to keep from facing the truth. He may even have used that term as an excuse when he's been caught being creepy in the past.

  2. Dolabar
    Dolabar 3 years ago

    Open the escape hatch and go. Don't play the chump in the equation.

  3. Narr
    Narr 3 years ago

    I would say hmu sometime. But I see that you are taken. :)

  4. Voodoosida
    Voodoosida 3 years ago

    Hey what makes you to say that?

  5. Golticage
    Golticage 3 years ago

    That is what one gets if he/she considers this channel as a highway for dawah; you get a lot of opposition.

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